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In war-torn Liberia, there is a desperate need for food, shelter, medicine, clothing, and educational resources that provide a pathway to hope.  The Bill Rogers Youth Foundation (BRYF) was founded in 2010 with the primary mission of addressing those needs. The founder of the BRYF, Bill Rogers, has seen and lived through the upheaval and massive destruction caused by the wars waged in Liberia. He intimately knows the struggles of his fellow country people. The BRYF partners with missionaries and volunteers in the United States and Africa to provide supplies, training, and the support necessary to help improve the lives of Liberian youth. Read more about us



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The Bill Rogers Youth Foundation


The Bill Rogers Youth Foundation (BRYF) was envisioned by Bill Rogers, a Liberian native, who came to the United States as a competitive athlete in 2002.

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It takes many drops to fill a bucket. A $5 contribution can go toward aiding a young student with clothes, school supplies, or other tools needed to improve life quality.

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- Never Let a Drop of Water Go to Waste Project
- The BRYF Youth Development Center

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"It saddens my heart. Children here in Liberia are without any kind of formal education. They lack basic necessities such as clothing, food, and clean water. There are virtually no hospitals to help the sick. Many of our youth population has never even been in a classroom. Where are our human rights advocates in this dire situation? Where are the NGO'S that act on behalf of the Liberian people? The troubling situation here in Liberia is one that the government alone cannot solve. Only when we all act together as decent and concerned citizens can we help to rebuild minds, save lives and inspire our children positively, so that they can become the future and lead others forward.”


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